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How We Serve — as a church volunteer

Beyond the normal activities of volunteering to sing in the choir, teach a sunday school class, or share a dish at a pot-luck, at Epworth we have a few special areas that your help as a volunteer greatly benefits this church. Volunteering time allows the offerings to be used to intentionally spread the Good News of Christ in ministry rather than in expenses.

The Levite Team

The Levite Team works hand and hand with the Board of Trustees to determine areas of the building and grounds that can be repaired or improved with church volunteers, thereby saving the church the expense of hiring paid professionals.  There are always lots of projects and a need for more volunteers.  If you have a special skill that could be added to the list, be sure to sign up with the Levites.

Cleaning Teams

Our church buildings and grounds are maintained by church volunteers. A sign up sheet is available for those that would like to pitch in and clean the sanctuary, classrooms, fellowship halls, kitchens, and bathrooms. By doing the work ourselves, instead of hiring a company, we save the church $1,000's of dollar each year.


Recycling is good stewardship of this amazing Earth that God has given to us.  At Epworth we have a special bin available to recycle your aluminum cans. The bin is actually an old coal shute that is located under the stairs on the Esmeralda Street side of our building. When the box gets full, we take the cans to the recycle center to cash them in. The few dollars received is used to fund some of our ministry programs. Your cans are appreciated!